Bowtie DIY

Bowties are such a cute addition to any outfit and can turn something normal and plain into a really special outfit. It’s hard to find cute ones in the shops so what is a girl meant to do but turn to her trusty sewing machine!


These are dead simple and quick so a perfect satisfying beginner sewing project.

I have used a variety of fabrics, above corduroy, velvet and a stiff cotton. I would say the corduroy works the best because it has some bulk to hold its shape. The cotton does work but it just gives a different look.

Decide the dimensions you want your bowtie to end up (measure a man’s one), I like mine to be about 6″ x 4″. Iron your fabric out and cut a piece 13″ x 5″. Sew together the short ends right sides facing in to form a tube. Iron the seam flat so it’s in the middle of the tube and sew along the two long edges leaving a small gap at one end to turn.

Use a blunt pencil to turn the bowtie the right way out and iron again. Sew up the hole with neat invisible stitches.

Find the midpoint of the long side of the rectangle and sew a wide running stitch from edge to edge and gather to form the bowtie shape! Secure it with a couple of stitches.

Iron a small strip to use as the central band (I go about 1″ x 2.5″) and iron to create a sort of strip of binding. Secure it around the middle of the bowtie with a few small stitches.

Thread a piece of skinny elastic through the middle securing band and tie to the right length.

Easy. Hard to describe without proper pictures but whatever. I promise it’s easy peasy. Once you get the hang of it you can churn them out quick as anything, mini ones would be adorable on hair slides too!


And even better than being able to make yourself a custom bowtie you can make a miniature one for your bear (or your best friends bear all the way cross Atlantic.) Yeah I’m cool like that…

Cute hanging sentiment

I found this cute little sentiment on a wooden bookmark for a mere 99p today and it just spoke to me.

I had to buy it.

A quick coat of pink glitter glue (who doesn’t love some pink glitter glue!) a change in the ribbon to some vintage white trim and some pink paper roses on the end of wires and it’s had a total chic makeover ready to zoom across the Atlantic!


A perfect little sentiment to hang from any unsuspecting door handle!

Apple and strawberry baked oatmeal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we all know it but sometimes it can slip. Breakfast comes with much less variation than every other meal of the day, you wouldn’t eat the same dinner for weeks on end but that seems to be the norm for breakfast. Things become even more complex if you want to be eating a healthy filling meal.

Enter baked oatmeal, it’s easily customised with different fruits (dried fruits, pears, apple sauce) and spices (cinnamon and ginger are my cold season favourites). So it’s basically the same good for you, fuller for longer meal but the add-ons can change everyday if you are that way inclined!


Apple and strawberry baked oatmeal
Serves 2

1cup oats
1 egg
1/3 cup sugar (can be decreased)
1tsp baking powder
1 apple diced small (peel on)
1 small punet strawberries quartered
Dash of milk (I never measure it because it varies so much with the fruits you use)

1. Mix every thing apart from the fruits to give a stiff cake batter type texture, using your discretion with the amount of milk.
2. Stir through the fruit and divide the mix into 2 bowls or individual baking dishes.
3. Bake in the oven heated to 180C for 45mins or until the top is golden brown.
4. I serve mine with low fat yoghurt either fruity or Greek but that’s just my personal preference.

Yum yum yum! I make 2 every other day and keep on in the fridge overnight and it keeps just fine. Happy breakfast!

What was she wearing, Bank Holiday Edition


I may be mid revision crazies but that’s not going to stop me getting a little bit of bank holiday fancy going on. All this can mean is more terrible selfies! Y’all can thank me later k!


Bottom up,
Woven market bag, Paris market
Pink pumps, asda
Fusha jeans, monsoon but altered (shortened and taken in)
Pink sparkly top, Sainsburys
Navy floral jacket, tk maxx

I’m a classy dresser with all those supermarket goodies!

GlossyBox May 2013

So y’all know I like post. I had some very exciting post the other day, not that I didn’t know it was comming!
I jumped right on the train and signed up for a glossybox. Whapeee!!! If you have never heard of glossybox (as several of my real life in the flesh friends hadn’t) let me explain. For £10 a month they send you a box of luxary beauty band miniatures (like a 1/3 or 1/2 size so not mean amounts). The actual value of the boxes that I have seen always exceeds the £10 cost and its a nice way for someone like me with no brand loyalty or (lets be honest) any clue about beauty products to have a play with lots of fun things.

This is my first box although, I only signed up for 3. It was super exciting and I have used a couple of the products already.
My goodies this month:
1) Prime and Create Mixing Medium from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics
2) Jelly Pong Pong’s Fairy Lash Mascara
3) Roger & Gallet’s new Fleur de Figuier range – a sensuous shower cream, luscious body lotions and gorgeous scent.
4) Headline Colours nail polish (I got the colour twisted silk which is a gorgeous very pale pink with great coverage for a pale colour!)
5) Premae’s Harmony Balm
And as a bonus a case of miniature nail files.

(The contents vary depending on the survey you fill out when you sign up but i’m sure it’s more random that that!)

Overall I am happy with what I got but looking on the blog at the other things I could have got was a terrible idea, the green eyed monster of envy reared his head . . .
What pushed me over the edge and encouraged me to hand over my mula was the beautiful glossy packaging, both the outer post box and the inside box. If your going to give yourself a gift every month (and lets face it that’s what this is) it had best look good and dang this fulfills that!!!

Organising Yankee candle tarts wax melts

I love burning scented candles, coming home to a room full of scent is only trumped by a fresh bed!

Anyhow, last summer I discovered how much better the scent is from Yankee candle tarts than from candles and how much longer they last! And ontop of all that they are cheaper and smaller so I have a wide variety of scents too! This burgeoning collection needed organising especially since my tart warmer only holds 1/4 of a whole tart at a time.


I made origami boxes using the dimensions from Martha, I made the 2 1/2″ boxes and they fit one tart just perfectly. The lids, although elegant aren’t great at staying on so I added strings threaded through the lid, through the base and back up at the other corner. I repeated this with a second sting for the other pair of corners and tied little knots in the ends of the twine to stop them running off. This means the lid can be tied on or flopped off.


A quick label with a black pen and done!


Post is exciting. Really exciting and I won’t deny that I send post mainly because I enjoy receiving it in return!


So despite the 60p charge for a 1st class letter I would say it’s money well spent!

Simple elastic waistband skirts

One of my favourite places is abakhan fabrics. It’s super local to me has a massive selection and is cheap especially downstairs in the remnants section where everything is sold by the kilo!

I made two fully lined simple elastic waistband skirts and the whole affair (elastic, thread the lot, except the floral lining material which came from my stash and was originally from my grandma’s stash!) cost me just over £10 which I think is a good deal. I even include my receipt as cast iron proof!!!


Details, as far as I can. I am no great sewer and lots of things just happened out ok on this project so these are more guidelines than a definitive tutorial (search elastic waistband skirt diy and lots of people have great tutorials out there.)


1. Measure waist measurement, double it and take off 6″. Measure from your waist to wherever you want the skirt to end and then cut 2 rectangles to these dimensions with the lining being 1/2″ shorter than the outer fabric (+1/2″ seam allowances if you wish, I never bother).
2. Hem these two pieces together allong the top (long) edge with right sides out. I did it with a straight stitch then a close zig zag (because I have no overlocker.)
3. French seam the short edges together to create a large tube. Iron the seam.
4. Hem the bottom by folding the outer fabric up 1/4″ then over the lining ironing, pinning and stitching so that the two layers are attached together with neat hems inside and out.
5. Cut elastic (I used 1″ loom elastic) to 2″ shorter than your waist measurement and turn over the top edge and sew a channel wide enough to accommodate the elastic remembering to leave a gap to thread it though.
6. Iron the whole garment.
7. Thread the elastic keeping it flat all the way thought. Zigzag the ends together and distribute the gathers around the waistband.
8. Try the skirt on your victim of choice and make sure the elastic waistband is ok before you sew up the remaining hole.


I dont normally line things, I’m lazy y’know. But I intend these as summer skirts and the cotton is lightweight and therefore a little transparent without lining. So if you’re going to have to use lining (above) then why not make it cute right? I think this cotton is from around 1960 (hoarding runs in the family don’tcha know!) so I’m glad I finally put it to some kind if use!


It was more effort to type those (bad) instructions than to make the skit! They are fun fast and super comfy so as Nike would say, just do it!

Market shopping


I have always shopped at markets because that’s what my Mother always did and still does. Its not only a better for seasonal food, local businesses, and the environment it’s also cheaper. How many wins is that!


Currently my closest market is in the Arnedale shopping center which is a convenient 5minute walk from home. They have a crazy array of stalls and a fabulous meat and fish market.

What was she wearing 2


This is one of my favourite blouses but it divides opinion amongst my friends. Some love it and some loath it. Me, of course I love it with the fun western detailing, lacey cuffs (which I added) and the turkey embroidered on the breast! It was a charity shop find that I washed (twice on high heat) and added lace to the cuffs with some left over to act like a lady tie. The skirt is a diy with a sort of not really tutorial to be posted soon. 


And yes this is the world’s most awkward self portrait. I know. The turkey shirt compensates.