Flowers on a budget


I love beautiful flowers and don’t think they should have to cost the earth. My tip, buy supermarket flowers when they reduce them at the end of the day. Lots of times they look raggedy and tied but mostly they just need a good drink, well you would be too standing about in the sun all day!


So after I have soaked the flowers in water (I fill the sink) for at least 2hours I choose vases. Well vases isn’t exactly accurate. I like to use a variety of containers, treacle tins, teacups but this time inspired by the beautiful weather I used two glass jam jars (well salsa and pesto jars) and a charity shop jar. Top up with water and get arranging. I don’t normally use the flower food, it seems to overload the flowers and prevent them lasting so long.


Look at the pretty details on the jar, adorable! I don’t follow any real flower arranging rules but I do always cut the stems at a 45degree angle to help maximise the water uptake.


Simple, easy, speedy, maximum impact and for only £3.75!


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