Schedules or not.

I made some more progress on the flag a month bunting I promised to make my cousin who has just started as a officer in the army. I was really good at a flag a month for like the first 2 but then life happened and now I find myself 7 months behind my self imposed schedule! Well now 6.

They were going to be themed around each month but then November rolled around and all I could think was fireworks and they are hard to embroider on a cream (another self imposed rule I’m now regretting) background.


So because this is a boy and a girl bee and they look happy together I’m calling this February. The pattern is from wild olive. I LOVE all of Molly’s cute patterns and her adorable blog if you haven’t checked her out you are missing hella fun times so go here to play.

Next up in the hoop, some cute little bunnies adapted from an adult colouring page from feed your soul.


These little projects are proving to be perfect little revision breaks!


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