Outdoor nesting

After my child like rant about the weather apparently someone heard and although changeable we have had some sunny evenings so this has been able to happen!


How very civilised right?

The table and chairs came from clas ohlson and the table cloth is handmade.

To make the cloth I measured up and decided the size I wanted then cut that (plus seams) from an old duvet cover (just call me stingey but it was all my  stash would provide! Because the fabric was so light and I was concerned about flyaways I added a square of much heavier canvas exactly the size of the table top in the middle. This serves dual purpose of holding the cloth in place (I might yet add some penny weights.)

The cloth was hemmed and I painted random circles (freehanded) using red bronze and gold fabric paint. Mainly because they were the only colours to hand but they also matched (ish) the fabric I chose to sort of appliqué ontop which was fortunate.

So I let my splodges dry then ironed them (to seal the paint) and positioned my crazy cutouts and zigzagged them into place!


Easy peasy I say!


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