Organising Yankee candle tarts wax melts

I love burning scented candles, coming home to a room full of scent is only trumped by a fresh bed!

Anyhow, last summer I discovered how much better the scent is from Yankee candle tarts than from candles and how much longer they last! And ontop of all that they are cheaper and smaller so I have a wide variety of scents too! This burgeoning collection needed organising especially since my tart warmer only holds 1/4 of a whole tart at a time.


I made origami boxes using the dimensions from Martha, I made the 2 1/2″ boxes and they fit one tart just perfectly. The lids, although elegant aren’t great at staying on so I added strings threaded through the lid, through the base and back up at the other corner. I repeated this with a second sting for the other pair of corners and tied little knots in the ends of the twine to stop them running off. This means the lid can be tied on or flopped off.


A quick label with a black pen and done!


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