GlossyBox May 2013

So y’all know I like post. I had some very exciting post the other day, not that I didn’t know it was comming!
I jumped right on the train and signed up for a glossybox. Whapeee!!! If you have never heard of glossybox (as several of my real life in the flesh friends hadn’t) let me explain. For £10 a month they send you a box of luxary beauty band miniatures (like a 1/3 or 1/2 size so not mean amounts). The actual value of the boxes that I have seen always exceeds the £10 cost and its a nice way for someone like me with no brand loyalty or (lets be honest) any clue about beauty products to have a play with lots of fun things.

This is my first box although, I only signed up for 3. It was super exciting and I have used a couple of the products already.
My goodies this month:
1) Prime and Create Mixing Medium from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics
2) Jelly Pong Pong’s Fairy Lash Mascara
3) Roger & Gallet’s new Fleur de Figuier range – a sensuous shower cream, luscious body lotions and gorgeous scent.
4) Headline Colours nail polish (I got the colour twisted silk which is a gorgeous very pale pink with great coverage for a pale colour!)
5) Premae’s Harmony Balm
And as a bonus a case of miniature nail files.

(The contents vary depending on the survey you fill out when you sign up but i’m sure it’s more random that that!)

Overall I am happy with what I got but looking on the blog at the other things I could have got was a terrible idea, the green eyed monster of envy reared his head . . .
What pushed me over the edge and encouraged me to hand over my mula was the beautiful glossy packaging, both the outer post box and the inside box. If your going to give yourself a gift every month (and lets face it that’s what this is) it had best look good and dang this fulfills that!!!


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