Bowtie DIY

Bowties are such a cute addition to any outfit and can turn something normal and plain into a really special outfit. It’s hard to find cute ones in the shops so what is a girl meant to do but turn to her trusty sewing machine!


These are dead simple and quick so a perfect satisfying beginner sewing project.

I have used a variety of fabrics, above corduroy, velvet and a stiff cotton. I would say the corduroy works the best because it has some bulk to hold its shape. The cotton does work but it just gives a different look.

Decide the dimensions you want your bowtie to end up (measure a man’s one), I like mine to be about 6″ x 4″. Iron your fabric out and cut a piece 13″ x 5″. Sew together the short ends right sides facing in to form a tube. Iron the seam flat so it’s in the middle of the tube and sew along the two long edges leaving a small gap at one end to turn.

Use a blunt pencil to turn the bowtie the right way out and iron again. Sew up the hole with neat invisible stitches.

Find the midpoint of the long side of the rectangle and sew a wide running stitch from edge to edge and gather to form the bowtie shape! Secure it with a couple of stitches.

Iron a small strip to use as the central band (I go about 1″ x 2.5″) and iron to create a sort of strip of binding. Secure it around the middle of the bowtie with a few small stitches.

Thread a piece of skinny elastic through the middle securing band and tie to the right length.

Easy. Hard to describe without proper pictures but whatever. I promise it’s easy peasy. Once you get the hang of it you can churn them out quick as anything, mini ones would be adorable on hair slides too!


And even better than being able to make yourself a custom bowtie you can make a miniature one for your bear (or your best friends bear all the way cross Atlantic.) Yeah I’m cool like that…


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