Hand painted t-shirt

We had a Gospel gig that called for a costume. The theme was ‘The Night the Toys had a Party’. What even is that theme right! After thinking (not very hard for not very long) I decided the most obvious and easiest thing to do was a teddy bear. It almost felt natural y’know. 


Ears and brown maxi skirt purchased I decided I wanted a teddy print t-shirt. No-one was prepared to sell it to me. Drat. DIY to the rescue then. I took inspiration from all the crazy animal prints that have been about the high street and these some internet DIY’s from here and here.Image

I gathered supplies, I’m all about the metallics so I mixed some gold and bronze to give a hybrid metallic monster. After googling for an image and hodging it a bit I decided on the final image and drew it with a thick line on printer paper. I used the picture as a sort of template to paint each image over (I put it under a single layer of the t-shirt and it was easy to see.) I freehanded the word ‘bear’ all over to make it that bit more obvious then let it dry and ironed it so it was set. 


This is the only full length costume photo I have, I am with my co-chair who is dressed as action man! When else can you get away with toy based cross dressing than uni right? 


Glossy Box May 2013 Reviewed

It’s taken me a little while to get around to using all the products in my May glossybox, i’m not sure if it was becasue of exams and general life speed or if it was because of the products. Here goes with my brain thoughts on what I recieved.


1. Fairy Lashes mascara by Jelly pong pong, It is a good size sample and it didn’t budge during my many crying fits of the last month but it also comes off weird, like a unky jelly in one piece. I will finish it up but its not rivaling my lancome beauty.

2. Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Prime & Create Mixing Medium. I don’t wear a huge amount of foundation or eyeshadow so that side of this product files over my head but it is a good primer and a little does go a really long way. Something I might consider buying. One day. Possibly.

3. Premae Harmony Balm. A multifunctional cream  which I suppose is a good thing but I can’t say I was jazzed on how lemongrassy it smelled. Felt a bit like putting Thai curry paste on your face. Just me? Possibly but this didn’t knock me off my chair.

4. Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier. I was disappointed by the sachets but shouldn’t have judged it all so harshly. The products felt luxurious and the fragrance was surprisingly enjoyable, if very fruity and sweet for me. Something I would indulge in again!

5.  Headline Colours Nail Varnish in twisted silk. This colour is really nice and summery and for a pale shade gives great opaque coverage. However I am HARD on my nails so nail polish really has to hold up to world war three and this didn’t. Both times I wore it had chipped within half a day which is highly frustrating. I’m going to have to find a way around this one because it is such a cute colour.

6. Nail files. Hum don’t know what to say since my nails are currently exam stress bitten!! These will be traveling with me this summer though!


So not the worlds most glowing review but getting the parcel was very exciting indeed. And look what just arrived!


I have higher hopes for this month’s offering.


Drink stirrers

Summer is here and summer cocktail parties are looming! What could be more fun in your fancy schmancy cocktail than a cute drink stirrer.


Let’s be honest here because I cant actually see the practical reason for having one of these puppies but that wasn’t going to stop me adding a bit more fancy to the upcoming festivities right?


These really need no instructions just loop little flags and tie bows at the pointy end of bbq sticks and jam a pearly bead on the end to finish the look and tie the set together. Then cut them down to size with regular craft scissors!


There are so many amazing imaginative ideas out there but in the end I just used it as an excuse to scrap bust some of my ribbon hoard!

The only scone recipe you will ever need!

I finished my finals today and it got me reminiscing about my 4 years at uni and what’s changed and what I learned. Blady bla and all that soppy stuff.

Well in my time I have made (and therefore eaten) a lot of scones so I have a recipe and method down to a tee.


Scones (makes 8)
350g self raising flour
Pinch salt
Tsp baking powder
3tbsp sugar
85g butter
175ml milk
Tsp vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 200C
2. Mix dry ingredients with a knife.
3. Rub in cubed butter to fine breadxrumbs.
4. Gently warm the milk (to blood temperature) and add the vanilla essence.
5. Combine the wet and the dry ingredients firstly with a knife then very gently with your hands. The golden rule with scones is to treat them real good, be very gentle the dough should be soft not sticky.
6. Pat it out to a rough square, don’t roll, then cut into 8 triangles with the same knife.
7. You can glaze with beaten egg here but these are down and dirty scones so I really never bother (unless I’m doing fancy tea!)
8. Bake for 10mins on a lined baking sheet until slightly golden ontop and when tapped on the base they sound hallow.


Dadaa, sconios! True story, my Dad was apparently scone master at uni too, so it must be in my blood right!

Charity shop rummage

I’m a hoarder. I also love charity shops. It’s a dangerous mix. Carboot sales are my kryptonite!

So since revisions been getting me down (who doesn’t right) I decided it was time for a little treat, and since I have a little soiree coming up and I really needed some glassware…


I spent £13.50 on the entire lot with the bowl being a unnecessary but exciting indulgence!


It has such beautiful details I don’t know how I could have left it.


The glasses are from a variety of shops and all different shapes and sizes, I like to think it adds character not that it just looks mismatched!


The tray they are sitting on was another find, in my humble opinion it’s too small to be a useful tray but would be perfect for canapés.


A new coffee mug, I’m all about the coffee mugs and this one had such a cute detail below the handle and felt suitably sturdy it had to be mine.


And the jewel in my rummaging crown


It’s out of the blue by electric light orchestra, one of my favourite albums ever. And it was only a pound and it’s in perfect condition. I actually squeaked in the shop.


A good day all round is what I think!!!

Life, lemons and lemonade

Summer feels like it finally got the memo! Whoo. And the only true summer beverage (that’s non alcoholic summer beverage) has to be lemonade. It’s simple is not fast to make and is the ideal mix of sweet and tart!

6 lemons (juiced but reserve the skins)
4-6oz caster sugar (depending on how sweet your tooth is)

1. Juice your lemons and add the juice to a pitcher with the sugar. Stir to dissolve and pop it in the fridge.
2. Take those lemon peels and pop them into a pan and just cover with boiling water from the kettle. Place it on the hob and simmer for 5mins.
3. Turn off the heat leaving the pan on the hob and let it cool completely to room temperature. This will take some time so cover it up and go about your day to say buisiness.
4. Once completely cooled strain the lemons reserving the juice and add this to your lemon juice in the fridge.

Now you have options, I leave mine like that in the fridge and just dilute a glass as and when I want one (my jug isn’t terribly big) or you could dilute the whole batch and keep it that way. It’s about 50:50 lemon to water.

I have kept mine, covered in the fridge for upto a week and it’s still just fine but ot be honest even the slightest sign of the sun and it’s not going to last 2 seconds!

Keep your eyes peeled because the end of exams is going to mean a pimped adult version of this lemonade! Don’t say y’all haven’t been warned!