Life, lemons and lemonade

Summer feels like it finally got the memo! Whoo. And the only true summer beverage (that’s non alcoholic summer beverage) has to be lemonade. It’s simple is not fast to make and is the ideal mix of sweet and tart!

6 lemons (juiced but reserve the skins)
4-6oz caster sugar (depending on how sweet your tooth is)

1. Juice your lemons and add the juice to a pitcher with the sugar. Stir to dissolve and pop it in the fridge.
2. Take those lemon peels and pop them into a pan and just cover with boiling water from the kettle. Place it on the hob and simmer for 5mins.
3. Turn off the heat leaving the pan on the hob and let it cool completely to room temperature. This will take some time so cover it up and go about your day to say buisiness.
4. Once completely cooled strain the lemons reserving the juice and add this to your lemon juice in the fridge.

Now you have options, I leave mine like that in the fridge and just dilute a glass as and when I want one (my jug isn’t terribly big) or you could dilute the whole batch and keep it that way. It’s about 50:50 lemon to water.

I have kept mine, covered in the fridge for upto a week and it’s still just fine but ot be honest even the slightest sign of the sun and it’s not going to last 2 seconds!

Keep your eyes peeled because the end of exams is going to mean a pimped adult version of this lemonade! Don’t say y’all haven’t been warned!

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