Glossy Box May 2013 Reviewed

It’s taken me a little while to get around to using all the products in my May glossybox, i’m not sure if it was becasue of exams and general life speed or if it was because of the products. Here goes with my brain thoughts on what I recieved.


1. Fairy Lashes mascara by Jelly pong pong, It is a good size sample and it didn’t budge during my many crying fits of the last month but it also comes off weird, like a unky jelly in one piece. I will finish it up but its not rivaling my lancome beauty.

2. Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Prime & Create Mixing Medium. I don’t wear a huge amount of foundation or eyeshadow so that side of this product files over my head but it is a good primer and a little does go a really long way. Something I might consider buying. One day. Possibly.

3. Premae Harmony Balm. A multifunctional cream  which I suppose is a good thing but I can’t say I was jazzed on how lemongrassy it smelled. Felt a bit like putting Thai curry paste on your face. Just me? Possibly but this didn’t knock me off my chair.

4. Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier. I was disappointed by the sachets but shouldn’t have judged it all so harshly. The products felt luxurious and the fragrance was surprisingly enjoyable, if very fruity and sweet for me. Something I would indulge in again!

5.  Headline Colours Nail Varnish in twisted silk. This colour is really nice and summery and for a pale shade gives great opaque coverage. However I am HARD on my nails so nail polish really has to hold up to world war three and this didn’t. Both times I wore it had chipped within half a day which is highly frustrating. I’m going to have to find a way around this one because it is such a cute colour.

6. Nail files. Hum don’t know what to say since my nails are currently exam stress bitten!! These will be traveling with me this summer though!


So not the worlds most glowing review but getting the parcel was very exciting indeed. And look what just arrived!


I have higher hopes for this month’s offering.


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