Hand painted t-shirt

We had a Gospel gig that called for a costume. The theme was ‘The Night the Toys had a Party’. What even is that theme right! After thinking (not very hard for not very long) I decided the most obvious and easiest thing to do was a teddy bear. It almost felt natural y’know. 


Ears and brown maxi skirt purchased I decided I wanted a teddy print t-shirt. No-one was prepared to sell it to me. Drat. DIY to the rescue then. I took inspiration from all the crazy animal prints that have been about the high street and these some internet DIY’s from here and here.Image

I gathered supplies, I’m all about the metallics so I mixed some gold and bronze to give a hybrid metallic monster. After googling for an image and hodging it a bit I decided on the final image and drew it with a thick line on printer paper. I used the picture as a sort of template to paint each image over (I put it under a single layer of the t-shirt and it was easy to see.) I freehanded the word ‘bear’ all over to make it that bit more obvious then let it dry and ironed it so it was set. 


This is the only full length costume photo I have, I am with my co-chair who is dressed as action man! When else can you get away with toy based cross dressing than uni right? 


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