DIY travel document case


It’s the summer time and my holiday is coming, fast! I’m more than a little bit excited! So whats a girl to do? It’s too early to pack and I really have done all the pre holiday shopping that can be justified (and some on top!)


Travel document holder, I don’t have one of them, until now that is.


I used some of my favourite fancy stash, a highlighter yellow and pink polka dot outside and a geometric black and white inside. I’m not going to loose this in a hurry!


Inside 2 large pockets for papers (tickets, insurance documents, things you might need close at hand) and a smaller pocket, with a fancy turned down contrast corner for that all important passport. And the final flourish, a windowed pocket to hold a travel itinerary for quick reference for the exhausted traveler!


Mine is 21cm x 12.5cm which is about 2cm short on the length so I would advocate cutting fabric seam allowance + 2cm over the maximum size document you want to carry.

Each pocket is lined, made by sewing 2 squares together (one of each fabric choice), turning pressing and stitching around the edge giving beautiful detailing.



This is such a simple project once you have decided the pockets and sizes you want, but if all you need is a passport case you can use the same principles of sewing two pieces together, turning and top stitching.


I’m bad at explanations but I hope this gives you some beautiful ideas!


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