DIY beach bag

My holiday is approaching fast and I’m ready to hit the beach, in a big way. New beach bag time!


I used half a meter of each fabric (54″ drop) one for the lining (blue polka dot ) and another for the exterior (beach huts). These are furnishing fabrics which make this bag more hard wearing and helps hold its shape better.

I cut each length in half (to give two short fat rectangles) and sewed them together along three sides leaving one long side open. I drew a 9cm square into each of the bottom corners then folded them along the diagonal pinned and sewed giving the bag a square bottom.



Repeat for the other fabric then place one inside the other and iron down the hems (inwards) with the outer being a touch longer than the inner making a neat top edge.

Now decide where you want to position your eyelets (mine were 3cm down from the top) and use a islet punch to attach them through.


Thread with rope and double knot the ends. Before cutting the rope wrap it with serotype and cut through the middle of the tape, this will stop it fraying.


The final flourish, tie the ends around with silk thread and trim the ends.

All you need now is a towel and a good book!



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