What’s in your (beach) bag

So now you have a swanky New beach bag what goodies do you pack it with for that long day sunning yourself! Here’s my current beach favourites.


From top left:

Sunglasses, mine are dull because they are prescription and it felt too much of a commitment to get anything too ‘out there’

The bag itself!

A good book, currently a collection of the queen mothers letters which surprised me by being good and engaging. She writes beautifully abe lives though some very interesting historical milestones. You should just read this book because it’s good.

Water bottle and sun cream, duh!

Black high waist halter bikini, I bought it super early (read February, I have been excited for my holiday for way too long!)

Products, yes I’m the products on the beach type, judge if you must Lord knows I do! Left to right, moisturizer (decanted from a large botttle), comb, leave in spray conditioner and spray in face nonsense (glossy box find). It cools and hydrates your face and leaves you feeling super refreshed.

And of course, towel!

What do you lug to the beach? Do you bring a towel?


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