Last minute holiday DIYs

So your all packed ready to go but can’t resist one final project! No problem I have two easy quick things you can do to pimp your holiday booty!

1. Pimp yo flip flops


So easy, and who doesn’t need flip flops for holiday! Mine were all of £1.50. I painted the edges with pink glittery nail polish. Mmmm glitter!


2. And the less exciting but equally necessary liquid security bag
Regulation and rules totally dominate air ports and one that I’m always super careful about is the liquid limit. Not only do they limit the size but also ask you to put them in a clear bag! I had a clear bag but it was dull (boo) and a little broken (double boo). To fix and jazz it up I uses green embroidery thread to blanket stitch the ends and make a tassel to attach to the pull chain!


And just to proove how last minute this all was this photo was taken on the train en route to the airport!

Never don’t call me classy!!!!


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