Apple and blackberry crumble

After my exciting foray across the pond bumping back to reality has been hard. The only way to get back into the groove, food.
English food.
Blackberry and apple crumble for instance.
Homegrown blackberries and apples! Oh I do declare!!!


4oz plain flour
4oz oats
2tbsp brown sugar
3oz butter
Tsp ground ground ginger

1) Rub dry ingredients until combined.
2) Add butter and rub to breadcrumb texture.
3) Set to one side and make the filling.


3 medium sized apples
1\2 colander (4/5 handfuls) blackberries

4) Peel and core the apples then dice them to chunks around the size of the blackberries.
5) Add the apple to a pan with a splash of water and a table spoon or two of sugar and pop on the lid and leave for  5mins to let the apple soften a little.
6) Turn off the heat and stir through the blackberries.

7) assemble the crumble, fruit then crumble topping and into the oven for 40-50mins at 165celcius until the top is golden and brown.


Yum yum yum. Just enough time to scarf some down before I nip off to France!


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