Pre-Birthday manicure


It’s my birthday soon but I’m not as pumped as a usually am. I’m the birthday week type, cake for breakfast milking it for all its worth. But this year nada. So to pep myself up some exciting nail polish was in order.


I used revlon perfect coral and maybeline metallic foil effect gold that was a birthday gift from the big USofA, so I don’t know of you can get it over here.

Simples simples manicure, I have no nails, no skills and no patience so this is idiot proof.

Start with the less opaque of your two polishes and paint each nail, I started with the gold. Wait for it to dry, try reading a book. Don’t do the washing up or pet animals. Only tools (raises hand) would do either of those things.


Stripe with the second colour, start in the centre and as carefully as possibly make one straight line then fill in behind it to create the stripe. No room for errors so be brave, it’s only nailpolish afterall.


Topcoat if your not dumb enough to leave it at home then thumbs up to a new polish, getting older and matching your nails and toes!



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