Shoe box heaven

I have a lot of junk and this continues right into my closet. This theme continues into my closet and no amount of ‘thinning out’ seems to make it any better. There was nothing for it but to get organised starting at the bottom, shoes. ImageI took the box route since I had shelves and boxes at my disposal and decided to box on up. Then comes the issue of how to label? I decided to go down the photography route which involved setting up a sort of mini studio on my desk by the window. ImageSexy behind the scenes shot right! Basically a A3 sheet of paper taped down at one end propped on a curtain the other with a good natural light source gives you…ImageWhich i then cropped to give…Image

I printed (6 per A4 sheet), cut out and glued onto the front of all the boxes before plomping them onto my shelves and feeling satisfied with a quick and easy job done and leaving me with much more closet floor space.



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