Charm friendship bracelet

I have called this a friendship bracelet but for me it’s more of a inspiration bracelet.

Using the silver charm from the carboot and some embroidery floss I made myself a little arm inspiration, everyone needs to be reminded that they are loved.


First I had to deal with the charm, using a pair of nail clippers I snipped the loop off and filed the rough edges with a emery board. Nail care to the rescue.


Next cut the thread, I went three times around my wrist with a little excess then cut that in half.


I looped each piece around opposite sides of the charm and put teeny knots in the ends to stop it fraying.


I was going to use sliding knots but things went awry so it’s permanently on my wrist but I’m ok with that and it’s holding up. Just use normal knots to tie it onto your wrist and prepare to feel inspired and uplifted!


And switching up the string couldn’t be easier!¬†


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