Back to uni gift

My brother is starting his first semester at uni in a week’s time and although he has been away in Japan for a year going to uni is still a huge change. So I was thinking, what does someone just moving into halls need more than anything?


Well we are British after all.


I started by buying him a mug, male friendly mugs are hard to come by but this one was a steal at 90p in Wilkinsons.


Next I decided that personalised teabags would be fun, well personalised teabag sachets.

I used this image two to a page and printed it onto graph paper to give it that collegiate look.


Cut out, folded along dotted lines and glued into small envelopes before adding my natty big sister sentiments.


Hangover tea, all-nighter tea good night tea in handwriting on the front. Add a teabag and seal up with a few dabs of glue.


I unceremoniously packaged them in his cup and added the all important packet of chocolate chip cookies. What else could you need for your first day in halls, well except a kettle… 


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