Baked apple and honey doughnuts

Doughnuts are delicious, doughnuts are a huge blogger obsession I can really get down with. However large vats of boiling oil scare me, quite a lot and I don’t own one of those fancy doughnut pans (going on the Christmas list foe sure!)

So what is a red blooded desert devouring doughnuts for breakfast kind of girl meant to do!

Abandon the shape silly! Sure they have no hole but they do still taste scrummy and a lot like their living on the edge fried cousins.


I used this yummy recipe for honey and apple doughnuts because we have an excess of last years honey (still) and it’s September so apples are abounding. The only slight tweak I made was not making the beurre noisette and just melting my butter instead which, was out of pure pig idleness.


They were still delicious. I would recommend them with a cold glass of milk piping hot out of the oven.

Brian agrees with my recommendation but let’s not bother too much about him, he will be getting a full introduction next week. So keep your eyes peeled for the petit coral dinosaur.

Mmmm doughnuts.


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