I have such a hard life. I can’t even describe how hard it is having to go to Paris. Practically torture darling.


But seriously it is an amazing city full of beautiful architecture and fascinating heritage. I’m so blessed. Since the previous times I have visited Paris I have done ‘off the beaten track’ I thought I should hit up some of the big tourist sights.


First, of course the Louvre. Everyone says it’s big but whowa it’s huge! So much amazing art and history but I decided to start with Napoleons apartments.


Stunning right!




I also toured the medieval foundation’s, ancient Egypt, the sculpture gallery (which was my favourite) and finally a obligatory glimpse of the galleries most famous (and personally I think over rated) resident, the Mona Lisa.


True story.

After all this walking I was exhausted and my feet were painfully despite my sensible shoe choice.


So my single biggest piece of advice I could give anyone would be comfy shoes and a bottle of water!!!


Also the Louvre is free entry for residents of the EU under the age of 25 so even if you just go in for one painting it’s worth it!


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