Sloe right down…


It’s the season to rummage in the hedges and preserve the bounty for colder months. The sole bushes are heavy with berries just ripe for the picking.


It’s time to get the wellingtons and jackets out again!


Pick, wash and freeze the berries. When you defrost the sloes they will burst saving you all the bother of pricking each individually.


Sterilise wide mouthed jars and fill them with:
> 1lb sloes
> 8oz sugar
>  1 3/4 pt gin


Seal them up, label them up and give them a shake and keep them in a dark place for a couple of months just shaking every few days (or when you remember!)


This is the perfect Christmas drink because it should be ready to strain and bottle just before! I shal keep you informed of our progress!


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