Decorate yourself a shoe box

Something about a shoe box is childishly exciting to me, still. I can’t bring myself to ever throw one away despite the fact I use matching shoe boxes to actually store my shoes in!

Luckily I have a LOT of clutter in my life so my shoe boxes come in handy!

I decorated it because there are no excuses for ugly things right!


I covered the box in pieces of newspaper and then a layer of pva.


Let that dry over night then washed with a 50:50 mix white paint and water and let it dry over night again.

I painted the base and inside lid with two coats of white paint, and yes you got it let it dry overnight!

Finally I cut various sized hearts out of tissue paper and used pva to randomly attach them!


Finishing flourishes, I used decorative lace tape to seal the top and bottom edges.


Now to find some junk to fill it with, shouldn’t be too hard!


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