Hogwarts letters

Boxing day at our house is always a fun fest, the whole family gets together and we all bring games or activities. This year there is a theme…

Harry Potter baby!

I’m a Harry Potter nerd and SO not in the closet about it! Luckily for me I have a family just a crazy, apples don’t fall that far from the tree y’all know!


The invitations (and secret Santa letters) had to fully convey the theme so acceptance letters it had to be. 


Added to this, a book list giving more details and telling everyone the subject of their activity (quidditch, herboloogy, running the leaky cauldron etc!

Then a house letter, we sorted people so we have teams for the day because an element of competition is always good for the soul! And having a house early means people can come dressed appropriately!


Train tickets, obviously!


Secret santa letters, from Dobby who needs help to clear his gift backlog…



Tags for the secret Santa packages, of course Dobby would wish you a very Harry Christmas!


And the final flourish, Hogwarts seals printed onto stickers, individually cut out and used to seal the envelopes which of course went by owl post!



Fo sho you will be getting more updates on this one, how can I not love my mad family!


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