Painting fabric with acrylics

I love the fact that I can do this! It means that rather than having to limit my choices (in terms of fabric paint) I can have everything! It’s simple mix the fabric medium 1/3 to 2/3 acrylic and I mean really mix it or the colour will be uneven.


Then simply use it as you would any other fabric paint, making sure you protect the worksurface underneath. When you are all done iron on the hottest setting under a old teatowel when you are done.


I have grand plans for this little swatch so I best get painting some more!

Ps. This doesn’t maintain the fabrics softness but the colour won’t come out in the wash either. I know some people swear you can omit the medium and just acrylic onto fabric but I’m chicken and this is for a gift so I wanted to be extra sure!


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