Skin on leek and potato soup

Tis the season to get soupy, tra la la la laaa!

Today with a recipe for skin on leek and potato soup. Some reasons for the less traditional ‘skin on’

1. The skins are super good for you
2. I’m lazzzzzzzy
3. I really so prefer the taste with the skins
4. I’m lazzzzzzzy
5. I like my soup a little thicker and more substantial
6. I’m lazzzzzzzy
Think that coveres it, on with the recipe. 


500g of leeks (about 2 large, I use most of the leek but I know some people prefer to use only the white, so this might need adjusting.)


2small (or one large) onion
3 large potatoes
1.2l chicken stock
Some other vegetables (the celery going a bit meugh in the bottom of your fridge would be perfect but I used green peppers from the garden. Adding to your 5-a-day doesn’t hurt and it’s a great fridge scrap buster!)


It’s all terribly simple really, dice and sweat the onions and leeks until soft but not brown, add the other vegetables around the half way stage (I find this takes around 20mins so 10mins in I add the ‘other’ vegetable.) I also like to add a mighty chunk of butter at this stage, you can just call me Paula but butter and leeks are bffs!


Then add the potatoes, well scrubbed and diced into small-ish chunks followed by the stock.

Pop a lid on and watch it doesn’t boil over until the potato is cooked! Then immersion blend to your heart’s content, season and add any milk/cream. This freezes a treat so big batches are such a go and don’t forget to enjoy some right out the pot! Mmmmm. 


Ps. Food photography is hard, especially soup. Who can make a bowl of soup look sexy, hella not me!



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