Walnut Baklava

I have a love of all things Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Hugh says so I jump!

 IMG_20131102_140601 DSC_2744

This recipe comes from his book three good things and was super easy and totally non time consuming to complete!

Walnut Baklava 

250g Walnuts
50g caster sugar
zest 1 large orange
175g butter (melted)
250g Filo pastry

150g honey
150g caster sugar
Juice of orange

1. Heat oven to 150C
2. Pulse walnuts, sugar and zest in a food processor to coarse breadcrumb texture.
3.  Begin layering pastry into a 20x30cm tin. Butter the tin and then each layer of pastry as you go. Use half of the pastry and spread with the walnut mixture then continue with the rest of the pastry and butter.
4. Deeply score the top into triangles, diamonds or squares before putting into the oven for around 1 hour or until golden brown and crisp.
5. To make the syrup make the juice of the orange up to 300ml and dissolve the sugar and honey in it before boiling for 10 mins to form a thin syrup.
6. Once the pastry is coked remove from the oven and cover in the hot syrup.


Now the HARDEST part of the whole affair is that it has to cool and steep for 8 hours!!! I did it overnight (to avoid temptation) and treated myself with pastry for breakfast!!! But it is also excellent microwaved for 30s served with ice cream for a desert.


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