Plastic Animal Decorations

I know how soo 2012 pimped plastic animal decorations are but it has taken me a year to find plastic animals within my non existent price range so boo hickey 2012. 


Here they are in their pre makeover state, little cuties! 


Because it had taken so long for me to find them once I had them in my sweaty paws I could not decide what was the best thing to do with them! The internet has so many choices! 

I started by painting them white…


Then decided that was NOT going to work so took to them with my favourite gold paint Image

Ahh much better! But a couple of coats later indecision struck again, how to embellish them because everyone knows the personality is in the embellishment!

I split them into two groups of 5, dinosaurs vs big game!

They all got little picture hooks and gold thread loops (so they can hang) and then the super cool big game animals got some black geometric patterns and posed on the piano . . . 



While the crazy party animal dinosaurs (who are still partying like its 66035988 BC) got some glitter glue and teeny tiny gold stars!



This is one of those projects that has been going on FOREVER just because i was constantly too lazy to pick up my paintbrushes but now i’m really very glad I got my toosh into gear! 


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