Bejewelled hair slides


I’m not a crazy jewellery hoarder but i do like a little glitter in my hair. Buying shiny trinkets for your hair can get costly super quickly and these took me under 30 mins to do, from rummaging in the drawer to setting them aside. The adhesive then needs to dry overnight but thats ok because you can go on living your day to day life!! 
I used half the gems from 2 packs of 59p ‘The Works’ gems, classy lady I am not. Plus bobby pins and super smelly contact adhesive (that should most certainly be used in a really well ventilated area!) 


I slid two pins over a piece of card with the flat sides facing up then covered that in a line of glue before whacking on the gems and letting them dry overnight. The card stops the pins sticking together and makes it easier to isolate all that messy glue! 


These would make such cute little gifts, you could put them into christmas cards for classmates! 


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