Did you have a wonderful christmas?

Because I sure did! It seemed to absolutely race by this year but I think thats just a sign of my age!  ImageImage


Home made christmas pudding decorations on a super festive tree all surrounded by brown paper packages. 


Rustic mantle topped with the obligatory swathe of candles followed by mountains of food and drink. 


And to top it all off an amazing family that helped me turn Boxing day into a Potter fest full of laughter, silliness, dressing up and yes you guessed it more food.


I hope your christmas was as blessed as mine!  


Christmas Photo Corners

So hows your christmas prep coming along? 

I am not ashamed to admit that I threw my self imposed schedule out long ago and am ‘winging it’! Life, laughter and fun things get in the way and frankly thats what I think the month of December should be all about. However decorations are currently zooming up (with the aid of my Cinderella style woodland helpers) and I thought it was the oerfect time for this little, easy, cheap and quick DIY. 

I love to decorate every inch of the house I can get my mitts on and this includes the bathrooms. Almost everyone who ever comes round will be using the bathroom at some time or other and so it seems sad to leave this vital room out of the festive fun. 


First cut holly leaves and berries out of standard cardboard box card then paint them the appropriate colours using acrylic paint.


Once they are dry they can be stuck together, to make sure mine were extra secure I used E800 glue.


Once the pretty bit is dry they need to be flipped over and a smaller piece of card added over the top of the elastic band to hold it down but still let it slip freely.


Once that is dry I went to town with the glitter and PVA!


And all done! Super simple and I am so pleased with the way they pop in our monochrome bathroom! 

Christmas is coming!