Geometric Wall

DSC_0044 (1)

She thinks she looks good despite the background 

Giant painted walls are awesome. You know the type, graffiti mural, crazy pops of colour, geometric, abstracts but alas, it is a department rural Suffolk struggles with! Simple solution; paint my own. This project took me about three evening of about 2 hours a time (a short attention span on my part) and cost no more than £10.00. I did have some of the materials (read everything but paint) but even the extra supplies wouldn’t cost the earth.


Supplies: Foam roller (its dinky), paintbrush, roller tray (lined with foil to minimise clean up), three paint colours and masking tape (not pictured)


Sad blank wall and messy kitchen table, keeping it real. 

My kitchen had one giant blank wall that was crying out to be something better, so armed with a roll of masking tape I started patterning. I chose a simple geometric pattern inspired by this amazing wall  (her whole Instagram/blog situation is too cool). I started by working the vertical lines and then added the others between.


Yikes the scary bit! 



I used about 9 of these little tester pots (from wilkos, £1.00 each) and two rolls of masking tape doing two coats across the entire wall. In hindsight it would have been cheaper (and involved less running to the shop) if I had just planned in advance and bought enough paint to do the whole job but that just isn’t my style!

DSC_0002 (1)


I used three different colours in waves across the wall from dark to light, oh lala geometric AND ombre! How pinteret of me!


My gorgeous cousin the morning before her Hen weekend!

I am so happy with the finished product, it makes for such a cute backdrop and brightens the whole room.