The Next Stage

I was once told by someone older and wiser than me that all at once you will look around a realise you have and all of your peers have reached a new stage. All at once everyone will be getting married, you will have a wedding every other weekend and then as if by magic (we all know it’s not really magic) those wedding turn into christenings! I think the crux of her (very good advice) was to get a stock wedding / christening gift sorted and an outfit to go with it!

That’s a very rambling way to say I am now engaged (to the most wonderful man i could never even have imagined).

Little Piggies got a sparkly addition

I am very aware of being that girl. The one who was once fun and interesting (here’s hoping) but who becomes focused only on THE wedding the moment she gets a sparkly rock on that little piggie and so I am endeavoring not to be. Here’s hoping!



In defense of Hallmark Holidays

Lots of people seem to bash on Hallmark Holidays and gosh that annoys me.

I enjoy decorating, I enjoy a theme and I will take any excuse to add a little sparkle and spread a little love in everyday life. So yeah I embrace the add on holidays (Halloween, Easter, Valentines, Mothering Sunday and Fathers Day). We do not go bonkers for any of these add on holidays, I save all my bonkers for Christmas, but i do add touches and little special things. Some seasonal place mats, napkins, a candle (always a candle!) and normally a little rearrange of the top of our piano.

Let me clarify, I have a seasonal decorations box (old suitcase) that i treat like a Christmas box, only getting things out at for specific times of year and then packing them carefully away after. For me this means I can have the same amount of tat but also have a more empty home, more clear surfaces and less dusting!

I get joy from opening the box and rootling around for the correct seasonal bits and bobs, i will always discover something i forgot we had (or something bought on sale the year before!)  and in some ways it gives me the same feeling as going to the shops and perusing all things that are shiny and new therefore helping me spend a little less and bring a little less tat into our home.