Floral Spring Wreath

We have all been there, wander into home bargains honestly intending to get one thing (for me it was their Yankee candle knock off car scent sticks) and come out confused with a giant bag of stuff!  But could you say no to all those faux flowers, and the prices always just right!

Home Bargins Flowers

This is the easiest DIY and took me under half a hour (with a coffee stop and a cat head rub) and I really believe it’s the sort of thing anyone can do, and any excuse to buy faux flowers right!

I snagged 2 bunches of the white peony type and 2 of the purple ( plus 2 of the pink for another wedding related project to come.) I already had a wire hoop that actually came from the inside of a stack of hairnets but you can buy them online or a large embroidery hoop would work well too.

Started by removing the leaves from the flowers and laying out all my flowers so I could see what i had to work with. Then it was just a case of wrapping the stems around the wire ring. I then trimmed any stems that were super long and added more flowers all going in the same direction working my way around the wreath.


Once it was all flowered up i took the leaves and used a glue gun to attach them in little bunches round the wreath to fill any blank spots and generally add some more contrast. I did this from the front of the wreath so that I could make sure it looked just as I wanted. Once this was done the wreath was flipped over and i used the hot glue to secure anything that seemed a little wibbly wobbly! I added a string and all done.


Thus far this has weathered the storms (literally) and has survived just dandy brightening up our front door and welcoming in spring.




Wedding Planning Bullet Journal

Quote page

I searched long and hard for the perfect wedding planning book. Lots seemed to steer you towards things we didn’t want (a long engagement and a very elaborate wedding) or were a bit underwhelming in terms of design and paper quality. I am aware that I sound like a complete snob but hot dang it’s really 10/10 annoying to create a beautiful page of notes and doodles only to turn the page and find it replicated in reverse. Not cool. 


I am using a dotted grid notebook I bought on amazon. that has been amazing. The external cover is sturdy and plain which allowed me to customise it with my dymo label maker (which has stayed well attached despite the fact it comes everywhere with me tossed into my bag!) The paper is  blissfully thick, you do get some shadowing with the Faber Castell pens that I am using but it doesn’t make me want to cry and it lies entirely flat. It doesn’t have numbered pages and the paper is creamy yellow rather than white but neither of those things have bothered me. 3 months in and this notebook gets my full recommendation!

dot grid

My pen of choice and a close up of the paper, the real important things!

Setting up spreads is something else! I decided that I wanted to use this book as a good mixture of inspiration pages, lists, to do’s and collating final bookings.

To generally catagorise the pages I set up, it’s a lot.

Calendar for the months leading up to and the month of (because getting your dates right is important y’know!)
Booking summary with the details of the vendors booked (with the aim of being able to hand this off the day before and have total peace of mind, I will keep you posted…)
Budget with real, ideal, which page and who has paid for the item
Inspiration pages with colors and pictures and general loveliness!
Guest list
Spreads (and by spreads I generally mean a double page where one page is inspiration (from magazines, swatches, papers) and the other is lists, details and the occasional post it note with a scrawled note each for photographer, food, drinks, party time, toasts, the dress, the suit, the boys and girls (bridesmaid and groomsmen), the little ones (our page boys), beauty, flowers, paper products (invitations, menus all that other guff), reception details, the cake, the rings, extra bridal bits (the borrowed blue, old, new bit), bridesmaids, our getaway plans, cocktails (for cocktail hour), not necessary but fun (just extra tat)
A timeline of my time and the ‘public timeline’ for our guests
The big bit, all of the ceremony details (hymns, readings and so forth), this has been more than I ever thought!
Lists of photos for our photographer
Details of the bookings we have made for our bridal party

And so far that’s it! It’s still very much a working document so things will change but it has been working really well for me and to be honest that’s the most important thing.

How do you plan?