Poundland Wedding Bunting Upgrade

Poundland is a dangerous place, I can never leave with just what I ventured in for but I must confess that sometimes these are a blessing in disguise! Roll in this wedding bunting, £1.00 for 6m. I snaffoed 3 packets because I knew it would be simple to tart it up a little to fit in more with our style! bvunting-7.jpg

Weeny bit meh right, I think my main source of umbridge was that the flags are a creamier colour than the very white ribbon so they looked kinda dirty, not cute! All I added was my ginormous ball of garden twine (B&M around £2.50 for a ball as big as my head!) and a glue gun. I started by stripping the pendants from the ribbon, then measuring lengths of twine to the same length as the ribbon I had removed.

Bunting 2

I folded the twine in half and marked it with a bit of washi tape before adding my first two flags (either side of my center line marker.) This is the point at which you decided your spacing, play about with it a little then once you are happy dab a bit of hot glue on the center back to secure.

I placed my flags further apart than they were originally so from my 3 packs (of 6m each) I finished up with 4 sets of 6m bunting. I am not sure where in the venue we will use this quite yet but for the princely sum of £3.00 and a couple of hours we will find somewhere for them!


There is a whole lotta real life going down in the background of this picture (‘real life’ meaning mess) but lets skid over that and finish with some therapeutic puppy!

winston singleton


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