Children at Weddings, why we are!


What a decisive topic! I have a friend who said no children at all (even her nephew), I have another who said yes to only the closest children and then we are at the other end with the bring ’em all attitude!

No way is wrong and each of my friends had sound logic to their decision which worked for them and their day, it’s just horses for courses right.

We decided to include children in our wedding for a few reasons. Firstly we are both now of an age where there are a good number of children in our friends and family’s life and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone we love to be able to attend. Our friends and family are spread across the country so to ask people to get babysitters for the weekend as well as travelling to us felt like a big ask. We also have a good spread of ages from a baby who will only be 6 weeks old to 9 year olds. We didn’t feel we could tell the new mother to leave her 6 week old baby with someone else!

And finally we love kiddos! We are having a relaxed enough event with enough space to accommodate so why not. We are using our church hall for our reception and they have a creche room full of toys plus loads of running around outside space so they will be well catered for. I have also worked on little favours for them, tailored to their age and likes details to follow in another post!

And finally gosh aren’t they cute! We are having my god son and our friends little boy as our ring bearers and I can’t wait to see them in their little bowties and braces!
Cutie Pie
What do you think about children at weddings?


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