Little Boys Buttonholes

As I have said we have two little boys being our ring bearers and they already have their adorable bow ties and braces  but I really wanted them to have flowers the same as the full sized groomsmen. I was worried about giving a 2 year old a buttonhole and it a. getting crushed or b. pinning him in the front or c. just straight falling off!

I made these using faux flowers that I had in my stash from home bargains and these buttonhole backers I got for making our adult buttonholes plus blue velvet ribbon and some trim from my stash.


I started by selecting the smallest and most compact flowers I could and removing the leaves. I measured the stems and trimmed them to shorter than the buttonhole stem before using my glue gun to firmly attach them and then once I was happy added the leaf. I secured the ribbon and wrapped the stem real tightly before adding some pearl trim around the base.

These are very sturdy feeling and have a clip on the back so they can be slipped over rather than clipped through hopefully meaning less dangerous!

buttonhole details

Since we are doing our own flowers this also means one less thing for me to do on the Friday before which quite frankly I am quite happy with!


What did you deck your little ones in?


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