DIY wedding stationary

When we started wedding planning I knew I wanted to design my own paper products for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have a friend who got married and spent £700+ on invitations alone which I knew we could never justify
  2. I wanted everything to match from table plans and menus to invitations
  3. I’m a control  freak at heart.

Honesty is important right!


The first step for me was choosing a illustration set. I considered DIY’ing illustrations using pen and watercolour but after a highly frustrating evening of trying I began scouring the internet for alternatives. I found  the creative market which has some gorgeous artwork available to buy for really reasonable prices along with some great freebies too. Knowing our colour scheme (English garden all centering around peach roses) I found this set and declared it perfect.

Next step was finding the fonts, I knew I wanted atleast two fonts (and we ended up with three.) This meant we could have a script font for aesthetics, a print font for small amounts of functional information and a even more simple print font for large amounts of information (this is what I used in our programs for hymns and the such.)

I browse the web for fonts and used fontspace for marigold our script, from dafont I chose optimus princeps as our print font and then used my computers palatino linotype as the most functional font. Having three levels of fonts allowed me creative freedom and also works as three levels of information, titles, preface and main body which is a system I am familiar using from my real job.


I decided not use black for my fonts as it felt too dark with the light breezy illustrations so everything has been done in a very dark grey which just takes the edge off.

Most of my paper products were made using word with margins set to 0 (to allow illustrations to fall right to the edge) but I would have preferred to use publisher just for ease of moving illustrations (you can use the whole work space as like a drop zone) and the ability to let them fall over the edge but I was working within my means.

So some of the printables I created include a bar list (for our self service bar, unplugged ceremony signs and invitations to mention a few.)

I will say that I have spent hours on these (and many more) so this is not a quick fix but for me it was an important area for me to invest my time rather than spending money for someone else to do it for me. The printing has been cheap and I can have everything proof read before I hit print.  It also means that all of the signage through our event will be cohesive and I won’t have to pen any chalkboards!

I hand-wrote my cousins chalkboard signs including a table plan when they got married in 2016 which looked lovely but by the end of it I had decided it was something I would never do again! The hand cramp was REAL.

I have a couple more ideas of ways to use these illustrations (getting your moneys worth no) coming up over the coming weeks. What do you think to DIY wedding stationary, worth the time?


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