Bridal party gifts and hospitality

Lets start this by saying that I love my bridesmaids (and bridesman) very much but I had decided for sure that bridal party gifts were something I was not going to be doing. These people already love you right they are giving you their time because they want to help you have the most magical day ever. But if I can get swept into the manic gift giving then I assume you can too so this is what I have put together for my girls (and boy!)

First thing to note is that all of my bridal party are traveling a fair distance to be with us one even flying in from the states so I want to make sure that their stay is as seamless and hotel like as possible, hence why I have wrapped up hospitality into this too! Two of the three also have husbands so it took our headcount to house up to 5 and so it made the most sense to get them a holiday cottage all together for the weekend rather than hotel rooms.

We are going to fill their fridge with breakfast foods (quick and simple things) along with a few essentials (tea and coffee mostly!) and some easy to go breakfast bars.

bp gifts 7

When they arrive they will each have a pair of monogrammed PJ’s in their room along with their gift bags and bridesmaid dresses all ready and steamed (more on their outfits another time!)

bp gifts 8

The PJ’s for the girls came from Asda at the start of the year but i loved the satin finishes with the classic design. I free handed each a monogram (in the American style with first name, surname and then middle name or maiden name) on paper and traced it through onto the pocket using a water soluble embroidery marker. I used a combination of embroidery threads 2 threads of each (DMC 223 and DMC E168) and split stitched over the line I had drawn. I used a hoop to keep the fabric taught and kept an eye on the backside of the piece (since it would be visible).


I used the same monogram to freehand (using a gold paint pen) onto the hangers which I bought in the wonderland that is primark.

Onto the gift bags. So they each have a reusable coffee cup (£2.99 from B&M) so we can all get coffee on the morning of the wedding, I’m not a real person until I have had my morning coffee! A selection of naughty snacks because there is nothing worse than being a little hangry (all the snacks for the three bags came to £2.00 from various store). A little pack of paracetamol (half a pack costing £0.30 each) and a travel pack of tissues (£0.39 home bargains) because you know be prepared and then they each have a small wedding day useful gift. For both of my girls I got them heart shaped hand warmers (from poundland’s post valentines day sale for £0.50 each) and for my boy bridesmaid a cherry chap-stick because I know that is his jam! I wrapped these little gifts up to add something to the mystery and presentation because it’s all about the presentation.


For the two with husbands I didn’t want them to feel left out so I (of course doubled the snacks) and then added a big pack of their favourite snack and some of their favourite drink just to say a little thankyou for spending their time on us. These were all packaged up with a note to say thanks and topped with tissue paper.

bp gifts 1

I truly believe that presentation is important for these sort of small gifts. I used gift bags from B&M (£0.99), tissue from card factory (in two colours £0.99 each), scrapbooking tags from my stockpile and the same ball of twine I have been using for everything!  These cost me between £6.00 and £8.00 a bag but by spending some time on their presentation and searching for the items for each person I think them communicate how grateful I am for them spending their valuable time on us!


I also put together bags for Alex’s grooms party but instead of cups they got their ties and childrens books instead of munchy treats for their wives.  And my family, who are also coming into town I made them goody bags in the same theme with treats and little notes to let them know how much they mean to us.

So yes, it appears I went hard on the bridal party gifts thing and yes I probably spent more money than is wise but it’s a part of the day before I am really looking forward to, showing these people around us who care about us how much we care about them!

What are your thoughts on this kind of nonsense!


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