Engagement Shoots Rock!

No really they do. Our wedding photography package came with an engagement (she calls them pre-wedding) shoot. This was one of the big things that I had been looking for in a Wedding photographer and i’m here to tell you why!

  1. You and your photographer can get used to each other before your wedding day. And not just in a cup of coffee and chin wag way (although that is great because they are going to be following you around all day!) In a professional sense, what are they telling you to do, how you and your partner naturally interact. This gives you both some practice at working with each other to get the best wedding pictures possible.frances-alex-kelmarsh-hall-19
  2. You get your pictures back before the wedding and you can see what you look like! How often do you have pictures taken? We really don’t, ever, and getting some images back allowed us both to have an ick i’m never doing that with my face/body/arm again moments! It also shows you what works for your body and what doesn’t.frances-alex-kelmarsh-hall-59
  3. You get a heck tonne extra pictures of just the two of you in a pretty low key environment just being yourselves. You could use these for your invites (I have a friend who did this and they were lovely), use them for home decor or use them for wedding decor like we did. wedding-photos.jpg


Have I convinced you or am I preaching to the choir! Did you have engagement photos?


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