8 things no one tells you about your wedding day!

  1. The exhaustion, the physical aches and pains. I’m guessing you probably haven’t ever worn such a big and heavy dress for such a long time. Its tiring. Your meandering around all day, mostly standing and its tiring, the day after and the day after that, I ached.
  2. The emotional exhaustion. Having so many people who love you, showing they love you in one place is a lot emotionally and can really take it out of you. I had the added emotions of it being the last time I was seeing my best friend who lives in Florida before she flew home and not knowing when I was seeing her next. Emotional is an understatement for our goodbye!Image may contain: one or more people, car and outdoor
  3. It goes in a flash! I know people tell you this but I was amazed at how fast the actual ceremony went, I would have like it to be three times longer which is something as a wedding guest I didn’t think I would ever say.
  4. The power of a white dress, I had folks dancing who would never have danced in a month of Sundays regularly but no one says no to a lady in white! frances-alex-wedding-803
  5. Something changes. We both said that after we had said I will (in the Church of England service it’s not I do its I will) we felt different and I really truly didn’t expect that.
  6. Confetti is really annoying. I emptied a tonne from my dress, my husband changed his shirt because it was full and the getaway car was filled by a very mischievous uncle! We are still finding it and it’s a lovely reminder of our day.
  7. People will be amazingly generous even if you ask them not to be. We had a no gift list because we a. don’t need anything b. wanted to make our wedding as accessible to our friends as possible and didn’t want to give them the added burden of a obligated gift from a list. Despite this we got given a lot of cash (that we are using with our date night jar from the guest book) to fund our year of fun times and dates.
  8. You need to speak up during your vows. During the rehearsal my mum did tell me this and gosh she was right. It feels like a very personal intimate moment which it is but you have invited these people to witness it with you so speak up even the people in the cheap seats want to hear!frances-alex-wedding-273

What did you not know before your big day?


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