Bridal Body Prep

Lets be clear this is not about loosing weight, about becoming a ‘new you’ or about what anyone else thinks.

This is about being the best of you, your spouse marrying you for you and about feeling fabulous.

Ok i’m done with the rant! So what did I do to prep for our wedding day, nothing revolutionary and nothing crazy lets hit it!

For my Body
Water, so much water in the weeks leading up. I bought a beast insulated flask a couple of months before and just touted it everywhere with me filled with iced water. Hydrated skin is happy skin!


I also started a month before sugar scrubbing about twice a week. I probably should have always been doing this to remove dead skin cells and give your self a glow but it’s an easy step to drop from your shower routine when you could trade it in for extra time in bed! I have been continuing this after and it’s keeping my skin smooth and silky! I am currently using a bath and body works scrub I have had hoarded but there are loads of great affordable options. The next unnecessary shower step that I started and have continued is an in shower body moisturiser. I wouldn’t get out of the shower without conditioning my hair so why not condition my body? Doing it in the shower is way easier and quicker than moisturising outside of the shower. I use the sanctuary in shower body moisturiser and it’s the bomb.

I was also really careful in the sun, I always wear facial SPF but knowing the cut of my dress I didn’t want any mental tan lines all across our wedding photos so was really mindful whenever I was in the sun to either remove straps or cover right up!


And finally for the body don’t forget your feet! It’s a long day and however comfortable your shoes are they won’t be at the end of the night and your feet will be telling you about it. I have a kind gross but amazing gadget called a pedi egg that essentially cheese grates your feet. Yes gross. Yes v effective. Follow it up with a pepperminty foot cream and its a dream. For an added treat and the night before the wedding (in preparation) I used a foot mask to give my little piggies the most papering possible.

Ok onto that beautiful face of yours!

I have developed quite a rigorous facial skin care routine and it has just made my skin look better. Once you start seeing the difference I have found it easy to stick to it! So I adore a mask, I use your good skin mask in the shower (it only needs 5mins to work) which means it is mess free, a bonus or I use moisture bomb tissue mask between showering and getting dressed. I also use the your good skin cleanser, the dairy moisturiser (which has a great SPF) and the serum. The serum is a game changer, I swear it makes me look less tired and is basically a magic gel! I also love the pixi glow tonic (original I know) which I used after cleansing before adding a cream or serum. And my final skin care but really self love item is a jade roller, does it really do anything, Young House Love thinks so and if it’s good enough for Sherry! It feels amazing on my face and does have a instant de-puffing effect especially on those days I have achy tired eyes!


These are the things that I do for my face and body that make me feel great, what do you do to feel fantastic?