The MOST extra thing

Last night my fiancee and I were sitting on the sofa talking about weddings, well to be more exact the wedding (10 days and counting) and how totally done with weddings we are.

Everything that can be organised is, our house looks like a wedding monster threw up in it (we are doing a mostly DIY wedding) and quite frankly even I can not make any more lists! Yet still, I continue.

Which leads me onto these, the most extra thing I have DIY’ed for our wedding whilst in that frenetic wedding haze where everything that needs doing is actually done and you are just keeping yourself busy with stuff because you feel like you should!

Onward from the crazy mind dump to the DIY!

But what, hold onto your hats, DIY hand soap wrappers (told you I have lost my mind!)

I have always had this thing about bathrooms, wherever I go I am likely to use the loos and golly gosh they can say a lot about a place (or dare I say it) a person so having nice amenities was important to me.


I took these very basic (but good smelling) hand soaps from home bargains for under £1.00 each. When picking these I made sure the sided of the containers were square and didn’t taper in at all because that will make your job a whole tonne harder. I made a paper wrap using my standard set of wedding illustrations and the fonts I had chosen. This involved a bit of measuring and scaling on my computer screen to make sure they would print the correct size.


I got these printed on standard printer paper (and would have done this at home if I had a colour printer that I trusted!) and cut them out. I used double sided tape to stick them over the sops and voilla done. I paired them with a hand cream (also home bargains) in a complimentary scent because it’s all about the little luxuries! Very little time, effort or money (total cost under £5.00 and that’s because our local print shop are a rip off!) but yes I am aware very unnecessary.


What did you do to distract you from the wedding crazies!


DIY wedding stationary

When we started wedding planning I knew I wanted to design my own paper products for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have a friend who got married and spent £700+ on invitations alone which I knew we could never justify
  2. I wanted everything to match from table plans and menus to invitations
  3. I’m a control  freak at heart.

Honesty is important right!


The first step for me was choosing a illustration set. I considered DIY’ing illustrations using pen and watercolour but after a highly frustrating evening of trying I began scouring the internet for alternatives. I found  the creative market which has some gorgeous artwork available to buy for really reasonable prices along with some great freebies too. Knowing our colour scheme (English garden all centering around peach roses) I found this set and declared it perfect.

Next step was finding the fonts, I knew I wanted atleast two fonts (and we ended up with three.) This meant we could have a script font for aesthetics, a print font for small amounts of functional information and a even more simple print font for large amounts of information (this is what I used in our programs for hymns and the such.)

I browse the web for fonts and used fontspace for marigold our script, from dafont I chose optimus princeps as our print font and then used my computers palatino linotype as the most functional font. Having three levels of fonts allowed me creative freedom and also works as three levels of information, titles, preface and main body which is a system I am familiar using from my real job.


I decided not use black for my fonts as it felt too dark with the light breezy illustrations so everything has been done in a very dark grey which just takes the edge off.

Most of my paper products were made using word with margins set to 0 (to allow illustrations to fall right to the edge) but I would have preferred to use publisher just for ease of moving illustrations (you can use the whole work space as like a drop zone) and the ability to let them fall over the edge but I was working within my means.

So some of the printables I created include a bar list (for our self service bar, unplugged ceremony signs and invitations to mention a few.)

I will say that I have spent hours on these (and many more) so this is not a quick fix but for me it was an important area for me to invest my time rather than spending money for someone else to do it for me. The printing has been cheap and I can have everything proof read before I hit print.  It also means that all of the signage through our event will be cohesive and I won’t have to pen any chalkboards!

I hand-wrote my cousins chalkboard signs including a table plan when they got married in 2016 which looked lovely but by the end of it I had decided it was something I would never do again! The hand cramp was REAL.

I have a couple more ideas of ways to use these illustrations (getting your moneys worth no) coming up over the coming weeks. What do you think to DIY wedding stationary, worth the time?


Wooden Box Poundland Up-cycle

I had stumbled across this video and it inspired me to try getting some of these boxes for myself and giving them a new lease of life.

Once I had painted them using the same white chalk paint I used this video for inspiration as to the surface decoration. I loosely followed along with her and use a combination of cotton buds (as recommended) and small paintbrushes for the more detailed work. I only did one side of each box and did both at once, it took me the length of her video to come up with something I liked.
Wooden boxes 2

Once everything was dry I added the gold top edge (because I can’t get enough gold!) and then waxed them the same way Chelsey does.

We are using these on our wedding bars to hold jam jars of paper straws and napkins (for those little spills) and to generally corral all of the junk you need for a bar. Hopefully the photo bombing dog will be safely away buy then!

Wooden boxes 3
I love to be creative but sometime I find myself in a rut and being heavily inspired by other people is the only way out of it. Stealing with pride right!

Where do you go for some DIY inspiration?


Poundland Wedding Bunting Upgrade

Poundland is a dangerous place, I can never leave with just what I ventured in for but I must confess that sometimes these are a blessing in disguise! Roll in this wedding bunting, £1.00 for 6m. I snaffoed 3 packets because I knew it would be simple to tart it up a little to fit in more with our style! bvunting-7.jpg

Weeny bit meh right, I think my main source of umbridge was that the flags are a creamier colour than the very white ribbon so they looked kinda dirty, not cute! All I added was my ginormous ball of garden twine (B&M around £2.50 for a ball as big as my head!) and a glue gun. I started by stripping the pendants from the ribbon, then measuring lengths of twine to the same length as the ribbon I had removed.

Bunting 2

I folded the twine in half and marked it with a bit of washi tape before adding my first two flags (either side of my center line marker.) This is the point at which you decided your spacing, play about with it a little then once you are happy dab a bit of hot glue on the center back to secure.

I placed my flags further apart than they were originally so from my 3 packs (of 6m each) I finished up with 4 sets of 6m bunting. I am not sure where in the venue we will use this quite yet but for the princely sum of £3.00 and a couple of hours we will find somewhere for them!


There is a whole lotta real life going down in the background of this picture (‘real life’ meaning mess) but lets skid over that and finish with some therapeutic puppy!

winston singleton


Easter Tree


The clocks have gone back and it officially feels like spring! Perfect time to decorate, I have rustled up our Easter tree from bits in the house, in the garden, Easter’s past and then these cute little bunnies which I picked up from Hobbycraft.


I picked up four of them and painted them in pastel yellow, green, blue and pink using regular ole acrylic paint. Once they had dried I sprayed them with clear topcoat to give them a shine, changed the strings to colour coordinated bakers twine and used some wide washi tape to cover their little bases.

Overall i’m thrilled with how this came out and it turns out Bitza is too!



Floral Spring Wreath

We have all been there, wander into home bargains honestly intending to get one thing (for me it was their Yankee candle knock off car scent sticks) and come out confused with a giant bag of stuff!  But could you say no to all those faux flowers, and the prices always just right!

Home Bargins Flowers

This is the easiest DIY and took me under half a hour (with a coffee stop and a cat head rub) and I really believe it’s the sort of thing anyone can do, and any excuse to buy faux flowers right!

I snagged 2 bunches of the white peony type and 2 of the purple ( plus 2 of the pink for another wedding related project to come.) I already had a wire hoop that actually came from the inside of a stack of hairnets but you can buy them online or a large embroidery hoop would work well too.

Started by removing the leaves from the flowers and laying out all my flowers so I could see what i had to work with. Then it was just a case of wrapping the stems around the wire ring. I then trimmed any stems that were super long and added more flowers all going in the same direction working my way around the wreath.


Once it was all flowered up i took the leaves and used a glue gun to attach them in little bunches round the wreath to fill any blank spots and generally add some more contrast. I did this from the front of the wreath so that I could make sure it looked just as I wanted. Once this was done the wreath was flipped over and i used the hot glue to secure anything that seemed a little wibbly wobbly! I added a string and all done.


Thus far this has weathered the storms (literally) and has survived just dandy brightening up our front door and welcoming in spring.




Wedding Planning Bullet Journal

Quote page

I searched long and hard for the perfect wedding planning book. Lots seemed to steer you towards things we didn’t want (a long engagement and a very elaborate wedding) or were a bit underwhelming in terms of design and paper quality. I am aware that I sound like a complete snob but hot dang it’s really 10/10 annoying to create a beautiful page of notes and doodles only to turn the page and find it replicated in reverse. Not cool. 


I am using a dotted grid notebook I bought on amazon. that has been amazing. The external cover is sturdy and plain which allowed me to customise it with my dymo label maker (which has stayed well attached despite the fact it comes everywhere with me tossed into my bag!) The paper is  blissfully thick, you do get some shadowing with the Faber Castell pens that I am using but it doesn’t make me want to cry and it lies entirely flat. It doesn’t have numbered pages and the paper is creamy yellow rather than white but neither of those things have bothered me. 3 months in and this notebook gets my full recommendation!

dot grid

My pen of choice and a close up of the paper, the real important things!

Setting up spreads is something else! I decided that I wanted to use this book as a good mixture of inspiration pages, lists, to do’s and collating final bookings.

To generally catagorise the pages I set up, it’s a lot.

Calendar for the months leading up to and the month of (because getting your dates right is important y’know!)
Booking summary with the details of the vendors booked (with the aim of being able to hand this off the day before and have total peace of mind, I will keep you posted…)
Budget with real, ideal, which page and who has paid for the item
Inspiration pages with colors and pictures and general loveliness!
Guest list
Spreads (and by spreads I generally mean a double page where one page is inspiration (from magazines, swatches, papers) and the other is lists, details and the occasional post it note with a scrawled note each for photographer, food, drinks, party time, toasts, the dress, the suit, the boys and girls (bridesmaid and groomsmen), the little ones (our page boys), beauty, flowers, paper products (invitations, menus all that other guff), reception details, the cake, the rings, extra bridal bits (the borrowed blue, old, new bit), bridesmaids, our getaway plans, cocktails (for cocktail hour), not necessary but fun (just extra tat)
A timeline of my time and the ‘public timeline’ for our guests
The big bit, all of the ceremony details (hymns, readings and so forth), this has been more than I ever thought!
Lists of photos for our photographer
Details of the bookings we have made for our bridal party

And so far that’s it! It’s still very much a working document so things will change but it has been working really well for me and to be honest that’s the most important thing.

How do you plan?


The Next Stage

I was once told by someone older and wiser than me that all at once you will look around a realise you have and all of your peers have reached a new stage. All at once everyone will be getting married, you will have a wedding every other weekend and then as if by magic (we all know it’s not really magic) those wedding turn into christenings! I think the crux of her (very good advice) was to get a stock wedding / christening gift sorted and an outfit to go with it!

That’s a very rambling way to say I am now engaged (to the most wonderful man i could never even have imagined).

Little Piggies got a sparkly addition

I am very aware of being that girl. The one who was once fun and interesting (here’s hoping) but who becomes focused only on THE wedding the moment she gets a sparkly rock on that little piggie and so I am endeavoring not to be. Here’s hoping!



In defense of Hallmark Holidays

Lots of people seem to bash on Hallmark Holidays and gosh that annoys me.

I enjoy decorating, I enjoy a theme and I will take any excuse to add a little sparkle and spread a little love in everyday life. So yeah I embrace the add on holidays (Halloween, Easter, Valentines, Mothering Sunday and Fathers Day). We do not go bonkers for any of these add on holidays, I save all my bonkers for Christmas, but i do add touches and little special things. Some seasonal place mats, napkins, a candle (always a candle!) and normally a little rearrange of the top of our piano.

Let me clarify, I have a seasonal decorations box (old suitcase) that i treat like a Christmas box, only getting things out at for specific times of year and then packing them carefully away after. For me this means I can have the same amount of tat but also have a more empty home, more clear surfaces and less dusting!

I get joy from opening the box and rootling around for the correct seasonal bits and bobs, i will always discover something i forgot we had (or something bought on sale the year before!)  and in some ways it gives me the same feeling as going to the shops and perusing all things that are shiny and new therefore helping me spend a little less and bring a little less tat into our home.



Geometric Wall

DSC_0044 (1)

She thinks she looks good despite the background 

Giant painted walls are awesome. You know the type, graffiti mural, crazy pops of colour, geometric, abstracts but alas, it is a department rural Suffolk struggles with! Simple solution; paint my own. This project took me about three evening of about 2 hours a time (a short attention span on my part) and cost no more than £10.00. I did have some of the materials (read everything but paint) but even the extra supplies wouldn’t cost the earth.


Supplies: Foam roller (its dinky), paintbrush, roller tray (lined with foil to minimise clean up), three paint colours and masking tape (not pictured)


Sad blank wall and messy kitchen table, keeping it real. 

My kitchen had one giant blank wall that was crying out to be something better, so armed with a roll of masking tape I started patterning. I chose a simple geometric pattern inspired by this amazing wall  (her whole Instagram/blog situation is too cool). I started by working the vertical lines and then added the others between.


Yikes the scary bit! 



I used about 9 of these little tester pots (from wilkos, £1.00 each) and two rolls of masking tape doing two coats across the entire wall. In hindsight it would have been cheaper (and involved less running to the shop) if I had just planned in advance and bought enough paint to do the whole job but that just isn’t my style!

DSC_0002 (1)


I used three different colours in waves across the wall from dark to light, oh lala geometric AND ombre! How pinteret of me!


My gorgeous cousin the morning before her Hen weekend!

I am so happy with the finished product, it makes for such a cute backdrop and brightens the whole room.