Geometric Wall

DSC_0044 (1)

She thinks she looks good despite the background 

Giant painted walls are awesome. You know the type, graffiti mural, crazy pops of colour, geometric, abstracts but alas, it is a department rural Suffolk struggles with! Simple solution; paint my own. This project took me about three evening of about 2 hours a time (a short attention span on my part) and cost no more than £10.00. I did have some of the materials (read everything but paint) but even the extra supplies wouldn’t cost the earth.


Supplies: Foam roller (its dinky), paintbrush, roller tray (lined with foil to minimise clean up), three paint colours and masking tape (not pictured)


Sad blank wall and messy kitchen table, keeping it real. 

My kitchen had one giant blank wall that was crying out to be something better, so armed with a roll of masking tape I started patterning. I chose a simple geometric pattern inspired by this amazing wall  (her whole Instagram/blog situation is too cool). I started by working the vertical lines and then added the others between.


Yikes the scary bit! 



I used about 9 of these little tester pots (from wilkos, £1.00 each) and two rolls of masking tape doing two coats across the entire wall. In hindsight it would have been cheaper (and involved less running to the shop) if I had just planned in advance and bought enough paint to do the whole job but that just isn’t my style!

DSC_0002 (1)


I used three different colours in waves across the wall from dark to light, oh lala geometric AND ombre! How pinteret of me!


My gorgeous cousin the morning before her Hen weekend!

I am so happy with the finished product, it makes for such a cute backdrop and brightens the whole room.




Fancy pegs

Christmas is rushing towards us even though I’m struggling to believe it’s not just late September!


This is an idea I saw on pinterest (how many sentences start like that in my life!) that actually came out ok. No pinterest fails round here but I mean it was the simplest diy project ever! All you need are alphabet stamps, an ink in a colour your feelin’ and some simple wooden pegs.


I went for a variety of Christmas sayings to use for present packaging and some for sealing packets (crisps cough cough) in the kitchen.



Crepe paper poppies


With remembrance day approaching and it being 100 years since the outbreak of war I seem to have poppies on the brain. These crepe paper poppies were fun to make but did take a little time (I made around 50.) I took inspiration from this tutorial but cowboyed it a little!


First gather your supplies


From top left in a spiral:
– scissors (duh!?)
– strip of green crepe paper any thickness it just must be cut across the grain (makes more sense when you are holding the stuff) but it basically makes it stretchy and easy to manipulate
– random coloured crepe paper square (let’s call it the length of my pinky squared!)
– length of wire doubled over and twisted together
– black paint
– masking tape (mine is standard thickness so for this project I cut it in half lengthwise to get skinny tape)
– petal (I freehand all mine because I like the wonky look but you can use a template if you prefer just make sure you cut with the grain going up-down the petal. This means you can sculpt some shape into it and make it look more like a realistic poppy!)
– Green crepe paper leaf, again let’s work with that grain people!
– Square of scrap paper (again the pinky size reference works well!)

Now you have your supplies it’s time to get poppying!


1. / 2. To make the stamen, roll the paper square into a ball and twist the wire. Hold the paper ball into of the wire (covering the two raw ends) and cover with the crepe paper square. Pull everything tight and use the masking tape to secure. Paint the stamen black and leave to dry.
3. Attach petals (between 3 and 7)  adjusting until they look right then tape into place. Decide where you like your leaf and attach that using a small piece of tape too. Right at this point nothing looks too pretty underneath but do not fear!
4. Add a spot of glue to the green strip and secure right to the top of the poppy, let it dry a moment then wrap all around the stem and secure at the bottom with another spot is glue.


Tada! I strung some in my front window and the rest are for a work project I hope goes to plan!

Fizz xxx

Last minute haloween decorations


Everyone runs behind some of the time, I seem to run behind most of the time! This was a super quick throwing up of decorations for the spookiest night of the year. It took me an hour from cutting up bats to stepping back and congratulating myself on a job well done!


Starting with the door, I made the wreath earlier in the season as a general autumn wreath by glue gunning fake leaves, bows, conkers and ribbon onto a preexisting wreath. To spook it up I added some plastic pumpkins and a plastic skull salvaged off a haloween hat my brother bought about 5 years ago! Simple.


The bats are just eyeballed and cut from black paper then attached to the door and shutters using rolled tape (I ran out of blue tack!)


The ghosts came out of my seasonal decoration box but we’re easy peasy to make following a beautiful mess instructions. My only alterations were using bundles of rags for the heads and using several layers of white fabric for the ‘bodies’ (I’m tempted to call them dresses) not just one which makes them more poofy.


Done, now to wait for the little monsters!


Demijon lamp

I had seen variants of this project all over the internet and if I had know quite how simple it was going to be in would have already filled my house with lamps!


I found the demijon at a carboot sale glimmering in the early morning sun for only £2 and it was love at first sight! The lamp kit came from amazon but rumor has it local diy type places stock them too (just not where I live!)

It’s a complex process of jamming it into the top of the bottle until tight. My bottle neck was a little large so a hodge podge of white tack did the trick and you can’t even see it in the day to day life of a lamp!


Blue tack doing its sticky thing!

Add a shade ( mine was cheap!) and plug it all in, make a coffee and bask in your new glow!

Did you have a wonderful christmas?

Because I sure did! It seemed to absolutely race by this year but I think thats just a sign of my age!  ImageImage


Home made christmas pudding decorations on a super festive tree all surrounded by brown paper packages. 


Rustic mantle topped with the obligatory swathe of candles followed by mountains of food and drink. 


And to top it all off an amazing family that helped me turn Boxing day into a Potter fest full of laughter, silliness, dressing up and yes you guessed it more food.


I hope your christmas was as blessed as mine!