Charity shop rummage

I’m a hoarder. I also love charity shops. It’s a dangerous mix. Carboot sales are my kryptonite!

So since revisions been getting me down (who doesn’t right) I decided it was time for a little treat, and since I have a little soiree coming up and I really needed some glassware…


I spent £13.50 on the entire lot with the bowl being a unnecessary but exciting indulgence!


It has such beautiful details I don’t know how I could have left it.


The glasses are from a variety of shops and all different shapes and sizes, I like to think it adds character not that it just looks mismatched!


The tray they are sitting on was another find, in my humble opinion it’s too small to be a useful tray but would be perfect for canapés.


A new coffee mug, I’m all about the coffee mugs and this one had such a cute detail below the handle and felt suitably sturdy it had to be mine.


And the jewel in my rummaging crown


It’s out of the blue by electric light orchestra, one of my favourite albums ever. And it was only a pound and it’s in perfect condition. I actually squeaked in the shop.


A good day all round is what I think!!!

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